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Posted on: October 07, 2023

Products and reviews information datasets from flipkart

Flipkart is larget e-commerce retail company in india. We have extracted over 10 millions publicly available products information across multiple categories. You can buy complete dataset or subset of records based on categories.

Datapoints information:

title, url, pid, formatted_url, price, currency, original_price,discount,f_assured, highlights, seller, seller_rating,description, specifications, formatted_specifications, images, return_policy, category, sub_category_1, sub_category_2, sub_category_3, breadcrumbs, country_of_origin, generic_name, manufactured_by, avg_ratings, reviews_count, ratings_count, uniq_id, scraped_at

Dataset format:


Primary categories:

  1. Data related to home improvement
  2. Mobile & accessories information
  3. Electronics
  4. Jewellary
  5. Fashion
  6. Fashion
  7. Beauty
  8. Kichten related datasets

Sample dataset:

Sample dataset is available for QA analysis. Find sample in below link

Flipkart products dataset

How to download this dataset:

Pre crawled dataset is available immediately after the payment and for any custom scraper we will update time estimations based on records count.

Existing pre crawled datasets in crawl feeds store:

  1. Men fashion dataset
  2. Jewellary products dataset
  3. Reviews dataset
  4. Flipkart Large dataset with 5 million records


Find a right dataset that you are looking for from crawl feeds store.


Submit data request if not able to find right dataset.
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